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2014 Spring Banquet, 4/17/14

Photos Courtesy of Vicky Berry and Gloria Hong


Have a great summer! Stay tuned for updates on our Fall 2014 activities!





  • The full 2014-2015 schedule has been released and includes all of our Big Ten matchups! Click here to view it or click here to download the schedule.
  • Interested in spending Thanksgiving in San Juan, PR? The Terps will be heading down to San Juan to play in a Thansgiving tournament. Click here for more details!
  • Now that the schedule is out, we’ll be mailing out your Rebounder renewals for the 2014-2015 season! Keep an eye on your mailbox for this exciting correspondence! We are currently working the UMCP Foundation to upgrade our online donation processes and we hope to have that membership option up and operational as soon as possible! 

  • Check out the full 2014-2015 schedule here or download it here.
  • Thanksgiving in San Juan! Check out the brochure here.



Another Great Memory From Our Final Four Season! Cheering Our Team Into The Sweet Sixteen!
Photo Courtesy of Vicky Berry


  • Did you know?: Boosters must comply with NCAA regulations. Are you a booster?  Read more.
  • A Must Read For All Rebounders: What Boosters Can and Cannot Do. Click here. Please take special note of the following:
    • "Extra Benefit": Any special gift or arrangement provided to an enrolled student- athlete, prospect, or to their relatives or friends, which is not available to the general student body."
    • Boosters Cannot...Provide extra benefits to high school prospects, enrolled college student-athletes, or their relatives, and friends.
  • Buttons, Buttons! We've Got Buttons!!! Click here.

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