It’s Easy To Join; Here’s How!


We will be modifying our online membership processes, so that we can continue to provide great  member services for Rebounders. Our members have not reported any complications with identity theft associated with submitting an online application to the Rebounders, however we will be working with our athletic IT department to make security upgrades to our current registration system. Thank you for your patience.

1) First, consider which membership level is best for you -

Click here for details for each membership level.

  • TIP IN - $75.00 donation (fmv $20)
    • This is an individual membership.
  • FAMILY PACK - $150.00 donation (fmv $40)
    • This membership is for up to four family members.
  • GOLD- $350.00 donation (fmv $50)
    • This membership is for up to two family members.
  • MVP - $1000.00 donation (fmv $150)
    • This membership is for up to two family members.

*FMV: Fair Market Value – for tax purposes.

*Additional charitable donations are welcomed.

2) Next, choose the method that is easiest for you -

    • Online system is temporarily down for upgrades.
    • Click here for the printable version of the pdf membership application.
    • Print, complete, and mail the pdf membership form.
    • Please remember to include your payment.
    • Contact the women’s basketball office at 301-314-1747 and they will mail a membership form to you.
We Are Rebounders
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Please Note:

  • Your membership will be confirmed by a letter from the Maryland Women’s Basketball office. Additionally, you will receive a confirmation of your donation from the UMCP Foundation.
  • Although you are a member immediately, you will not see an immediate charge to your credit card. This process generally takes 5-7 business days.
  • The Media and Recruitment Guide is no longer available as a gift of membership.
  • If you wish to make a non-membership charitable donation, there is a 'donation only' option on the application click here.
  • Annual membership gift qualifies for two (2) Terp points for every $50.00 donated. You must be a Terrapin Club member to qualify for Terp points.
  • "Grandfathered In" Renewal Members Only: Click here for special instructions.

Gifts in support of the University Of Maryland Women's Basketball team will be administered by the University of Maryland College Park Foundation, Inc., an affiliated 501(C)(3) organization authorized by the Board of Regents.

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