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2014 Spring Banquet, 4/17/14

Photos Courtesy of Vicky Berry and Gloria Hong


Thanks For A Fantastic Year!

Stay Tuned For Summer Activities!



  • Photos from the Spring Banquet are up! Click here to view them! Check out the slideshow above as well!
  • Already missing basketball? We are already starting to plan summer activities including attending a few Mystic games to watch some former Terps play! Currently, we are looking to guage in interest in a special Coutside Club package that the Mystics have. The deal is $59 per person and it includes dinner plus a ticket. The seats are at tables at one of the end zones and you get to sit, eat, and drink there the entire game. Drinks are included. ┬áHere is a link to the Mystics site with the information. We would need to have 30 people sign up to reserve this option.┬áThe alternative is to have game tickets only. If you are interested in this deal, please email Gerri at! We will have more information on the specific games that we will be attending when it becomes available!
  • Our new volunteer form is now available! If you volunteer your services during a Rebounder function, please download this form and follow the directions! The volunteer (s) with the most hours thorughout the season will receive recognition at the end of the season! The form will also be available on the here on the Volunteers page as well. We look forward to acknowledging all of our new and current volunteers!

  • Stay tuned for future activities!



Celebrating The 2013-2014 Final Four Team At The Spring Banquet! Check Out Photos Here!
Photo Courtesy of Gloria Hong


  • Did you know?: Boosters must comply with NCAA regulations. Are you a booster?  Read more.
  • A Must Read For All Rebounders: What Boosters Can and Cannot Do. Click here. Please take special note of the following:
    • "Extra Benefit": Any special gift or arrangement provided to an enrolled student- athlete, prospect, or to their relatives or friends, which is not available to the general student body."
    • Boosters Cannot...Provide extra benefits to high school prospects, enrolled college student-athletes, or their relatives, and friends.
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