Unfortunately, our mini golf event for 2014 has been cancelled due to scheduling conflicts. It’s not the end of the event, and with ideas, creativity, and a lot of help from volunteers, our 2015 version can come back even better than ever! 



Check out photos from the 2013 Mini-Golf Tournament below!



Columbia SportsPark, Columbia, Md.

Hosted by The UMRebounders and UMWBB Staff

Directions to Columbia Sports Park


Gifts in support of the University Of Maryland Women's Basketball team will be administered by the University of Maryland College Park Foundation, Inc., an affiliated 501(C)(3) organization authorized by the Board of Regents.



  2013 Mini-Golf Tournament, Part 1- Courtesy of Daphne Lee

2013 Mini-Golf Tournament, Part 2- Courtesy of Daphne Lee

2013 Dance Videos- Courtesy of Daphne Lee


4th Annual Mini-Golf Tournament- May 11, 2013


Photo Courtesy of Gloria Hong and Judy Tarter
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Patrice Milani Exercise Equipment Inc
Acton Mobile Industries

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Bob & Barbara Gold

Jackie Edwards

Susan & Doug Hoff

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Marvin Best & Stephen Tate, BCT LLC

Monica Brown & Gerri Grove

Hard Times Cafe

Susan & Doug Hoff

Julie Ponting

Judy Tarter

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Beth & Roy Alvarez

Beverly Bachemin

Christina Erling

Bill & Mary Henaghan

Obie & Marilyn O'Brien

Myrafe Sabalbaro & Family

Sharma Wright

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Bounds Associates, LLC

Ben & Sharon McCarter

Tidewater Companies

Jack & Judy Zane

Ethelyn Bishop

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Brad & Vicky Bergman

Bill Bittner, Long & Foster

Arnie Rome

Karel Petraitis

Steve Kornblatt

Bonnie Miller & Karla Anderson

Gloria Hong & George Izumi

Mike & Linda Hund

Dr Rothenberg

Vicky Bergmann

Susan & Doug Hoff

Bill Crockett
Melissa Glasser Fine Arts
Single Voice Communication, LLC 
Sharma Wright, The Original Snookie



Mary Ruth Chapin

Barbara Gold

Steve Hyman

Karel Petraitis

Pam Prather
Pat Prather
Kim Tuza
Sharma Wright
Daphne Lee
Peggy Martin

Dean Watkins

Behnke Nurseries

Glory Days Grill

Sweet Frog

The Washington Nationals



Jennifer Newlin


Peggy Martin & Daphne Lee

Coaches /Staff - Past and Present:

Dottie McKnight (1st Head Coach)
Chris Weller (HOF Head Coach)
Brenda Frese
Tina Langley
David Adkins
Marlin Chinn
Chris Campbell
Christy Winters Scott

Student Athletes - Past and Present:

Caitlin Adams
Sequoia Austin
Alicia DeVaughn
Tianna Hawkins 
Malina Howard
Laurin Mincy
Brene Moseley
Chloe Pavlech
Jade Perry
Tierney Pfirman
Katie Rutan
Alyssa Thomas
Essence Townsend



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